Transform Into Encanto Isabela Madrigal with this DIY Halloween Costume (Includes Dress, Earrings, and Hair Clip) by Lucykiins

In today’s Halloween costume tutorial, I drew inspiration from Isabela Madrigal’s dress from Encanto! The abundance of beautiful flowers in her dress captivated me, and I couldn’t resist trying to recreate it. While filming, I genuinely felt like a Disney Princess! I hope you all enjoy this tutorial

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XOXO, Lucero Tapia

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– Shein Purple Tiered Tulle Dress (XS)
– 3D Chiffon Flower Trim in various colors
– 3D Chiffon Spiked Flower Trim in various colors
– Embroidered Flower Lace Trim in pink and blue
– Pearl Lace Flower Trim in pink, purple, and peach
– Chiffon Lace Flower Trim in light pink and pink
– Organza Rosette Flowers in pink, dark pink, and purple
– Daisy Lace Trim in various colors
– Flat Back Pearls (6 mm)
– E6000 Fabri-Fuse Fabric Glue
– Fabric Scissors

– Purple/Pink Flower Bouquet from Dollar Tree
– Cordless Hot Glue Gun
– Flat Back Pearls (6 mm)

– Rhinestone Flower Pearl Earrings
– Purple Acrylic Paint
– Round Nose Pliers
– Chain Nose Pliers
– Paint Brush
– Acetone

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Camera I use: Canon 80D
Editing Software: Final Cut Pro X

This DIY costume tutorial is focused on creating an Encanto costume inspired by Isabela Madrigal. It includes step-by-step instructions on how to recreate her flower dress using various supplies and fabrics. From gluing flowers onto tulle to making a matching hair clip and earrings, this tutorial covers it all. It also provides additional costume ideas for those seeking more inspiration. For any business inquiries, please reach out to the provided email address.

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