All 13 Reptile Costumes Ranked! | Mortal Kombat Ranking

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All Costumes Ranked has returned, and we’ll be looking at the third ninja and first secret fighter in the series, Reptile. With his drastic redesigns throughout the series, each of his costumes is extremely different from each installment. With that, we’re going to determine with of these 13 costumes is the best! Which will rank high and which will rank low? Tune in now and find out!

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Disclaimer: Mortal Kombat is an M-rated video game series intended for mature audiences. The content covered in this series may not be suitable for all viewers. Viewer discretion is advised.


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45 thoughts on “All 13 Reptile Costumes Ranked! | Mortal Kombat Ranking

  1. Am I the only one that prefers when Reptile looks like yk a REPTILE instead of his human look that just makes him look like all the other human ninjas. My only problem with Reptile is how they treat him in story mode as just a jobber.

  2. ''Human'' Reptile makes no sense though. When he reveals his true form, that means the human skin was just latex or something? Which also means he wears it all over his body? That's why MK4 Reptile works better for me even if it's not popular amongst the MK crowd.

  3. Why is everybody hating on MK4 Reptile costume so much?! :/ I think it's one of his best, he is super original, the colors are great, I wish this skin would come back…

  4. Mk2 best period but then again i was alive when mk1 and 2 came out, im biased lol. I cant help it i hate the bandage mask from shaolin monks. He looks like a turd burglar😂

  5. My Version 30/04/23
    Honourable Mentions : MK1 Remake Skin From MK9 (2011) & MK3 Remake Skin From MKX (10)
    1. Base Reptile – Mortal Kombat X (10)
    2. Tournament Reptile – Mortal Kombat X (10)
    3. Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 Reptile – Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3
    4. Mortal Kombat 1 Reptile – Mortal Kombat 1
    5. Alternate Reptile – Mortal Kombat 4
    6. Alternate Skin – Mortal Kombat 9 (2011)
    7. Mortal Kombat 2 Reptile – Mortal Kombat 2
    8. Shoalin Monks Reptile – Shoalin Monks
    9. Base Reptile – Mortal Kombat 9 (2011)
    10. Base Reptile – Deadly Alliance
    11. Alternate Reptile – Deadly Alliance
    12. Kraken Reptile – Mortal Kombat X (10)
    13. Base Reptile – Mortal Kombat 4

  6. De best going to the top 2. Nailed it!

    Also, I love how you used the theme remix and his encounter quote in X.

    "I will tear your flesh."
    "I now have a quarrel with you!" – Kung Lao

  7. I'm one of the few people who actually like reptiles costume in mortal Kombat deadly alliance. Mainly because of the fact that well. He's called reptile for a reason. He's not supposed to be human. Of course, he's a lizard creature. That's just a disguise.

  8. This is probably a hot take but i my favourite reptile design is the full on lizard man from deadly alliance and I have no idea why I just really like it for some reason Maybe it is the uniqueness of it

  9. Man, idk why i even watch these videos. You put such well designed modern skins under those shitty simple old designs that you even said yourselfnare limited by their time. Thats not a good thing. Either way even if you look at it AS IF it was modern then they still suck and arent as good as the other designs. You are SO blinded by nostalgia it hurts an artists heart

  10. Dang, it was a damn doozy getting this video released! The other videos never had this problem lol. Yikes, and I thought Reptile's looks in MK4 and Deadly Alliance were bad until seeing #12. WTF is that! That doesn't even look like a reptile, it looks like a mutated fish or that thing from "Shape of Water." That should of been at the bottom, that's ugly as hell. I didn't know Reptile in DA was meant to be a different character, what!!! I hope you continue dropping unknown trivia on here, first Quan Chi's neck pulling fatality now this. Never knew these things! Reptiles human look is always a classic that I loved, even though it's bittersweet cause it's like he's denying who he is. So I am glad they always made him look like a reptile from MK4 until now. I agree with #1. Even though I never got into the Sholin Monk games, I do think that is Reptile's best look. He looks so badass! Great video, I'll try to vote in that poll. I want Kitana the most, but wouldn't mind a Mileena and Jade ranking as well. They all had great looks, and I still think Kitana's look from MKX is her best.

  11. Only disagree with Deadly Alliance primary & MK9 primary/alternate placements, I quite like those designs. I prefer Reptile when he’s more reptilian than human like, it gives him more character & identity. I did grow up within the era between 3D & Reboot trilogy though. I think Shaolin Monks is my favorite. Deadly Alliance primary & MK9 costumes are in there for contenders too. MKX primary & klassic is also up there.

    My top 5 ordered would probably be look like this…

    5. MKX Primary
    4. MK9 Alternate
    3. MK9 Primary
    2. MK:DA Primary
    1. MK:SM

  12. 3:29 As a kid this was actually one of my favorite reptile designs. I think its super dope, even now tbh. Idk if its "reptile" but its certainly a reptile

    6:06 I love this design. Youre totally right that its bland color-wise, but ive always loved it. It also kinda fits with his camouflage abilities, in that he kinda just fades into the sets naturally. They should have made his skin far greener.

    6:56 This is in my opinion, the standard for reptile. This is is his most simple yet reptilian design. Instantly you know who this is. That said, it does literally nothing special. This is the baseline.

    7:54 Yeah, this design is kinda the same as the last in my mind. Its just, reptile. Slightly better, but just reptile.

    8:40 Cant believe his original "literally just recolor the already famous characters" design is this high on your list tbh.

    9:35 literally same as the last, but better.

    10:05 I see youre starting out the higher tiers with something higher tier lol. This is probably a top 3 design for me personally (not far off your ranking), I love it.

    10:53 oh god

    11:28 Oh god it got worse

    12:13 Yes ive been paying attention, and yes, your top spot is the BEST reptile design ever. Theres plenty I disagree with in your list, but at least we can agree THIS is the best one.

    (To be honest, I'd put a lot of Shaolin Monk's designs in the top few levels myself)

  13. Ngl I miss bipedal lizard Reptile. If he's back in MK12 (which I really hope he is), I hope he at least has a tail, Alien in MKX showed a tail can be used for some cool stuff in gameplay, and I want that for him.

  14. Not gonna agree with this list, tbh. Honestly, all the human variants would be on the bottom, given that they're just recolors and, well, human. Human < Everything else.