[Mortal Kombat 9 Ryona] Fatalities on Green Bikini Jade Alternate Costume (Free Cam) #2

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Jade in her alternate green bikini outfit serves as the victim for Sindel, Raiden, Shang Tsung and Reptile’s gruesome fatalities.

0:00 Intro
0:15 Sindel – Migraine
2:38 Sindel – Mouthful
4:52 Raiden – Just a Scratch
10:01 Raiden – Transplant
13:17 Shang Tsung – Bang Bang
15:45 Shang Tsung – Identity Theft
20:04 Reptile – Acid Yak
21:41 Reptile – Yummy


Sindel grabs hold of the poor Edenian and screams with incredible force at Jade’s ear. The sonic scream was so strong that tears Jade’s opposite half of her head apart. Afterwards, Jade with her bisected head collapse on the ground, reeling in shock.


Sindel conjures an energy ball by screaming on her hand, and proceeds to violently shove it into Jade’s mouth. Jade grunts in shock as the energy ball charges up. It charges to the point it finally explodes and obliterating the Edenian’s head into pieces. A flurry of blood and gore displays as her headless body slowly topples backwards, twitching on the ground as it lays dead.

Just a Scratch

Raiden charges up two electrical energies on both hands and blasts at Jade’s direction, blowing off both of her arms, she looks at her stumps in a dazed shock. He then fires another two at her legs and blowing them off as well, causing her to fall to the ground still upright. Jade screams in agony as she realized she was reduced to a torso with 4 stumps all over her limbs. Raiden isn’t dont yet as he grabs Jade and slams her head onto the ground behind him, crushing it into bloody bits. Jade’s mutilated torso bends and wobbles like a ragdoll with blood spraying out of he stumps


Raiden teleports behind Jade and rips out both her brain and heart. He then charges them with electrical energy and puts them back into place. Jade reels in horror as Raiden slowly manipulates the charges inside them. Jade’s head begins to glow, she moans in shock as it gradually charges up, and finally obliterating it. Jade’s headless body jerks in impact and twitches, as Raiden blows up her torso as well, leaving only her lower body, which topples to right.

Bang Bang

Shang Tsung cheekily transforms into a clown and pulls out a gun. He aims at Jade and fires, however it is fake with a flag inside. Jade shrieks as she thought her head just got blown off, but didn’t. Shang Tsung drops the toy gun and laughs while Jade looks around in shock and confusion. Shang Tsung then pulls out a real gun and shoots Jade in the head, this time actually blowing her head into pieces. Jade’s headless body topples backwards with her tongue sticking out, as Shang Tsung laughs maniacally.

Identity Theft

Shang Tsung enters Jade’s body and claims possession of it. The poor confused Jade took a moment as he summons her to raise up her hand. He slow forces her arm to reach onto her head as Jade struggles to stop it. It finally grabs onto the head as Jade helpless beg for mercy, screaming “No!”. She was then finally forced to rip her own head off her shoulders, blood spraying everywhere onto her collarbone. Jade’s body holds her own decapitated head up in the air and finally topples on the ground, while Shang Tsung exits her body and laughs maniacally.

Acid Yak

Reptile forces Jade’s mouth open and vomits acid directly into it. Jade then coughs in severe pain with the sizzling acid inside of her body. Reptile then proceeds to plunge his hand into her belly, causing her to scream in agony. He then rips out her mutilated stomach, leaving a gaping, bloody hole in her abdomen. Her corpse then falls backwards.


Reptile performs his Klassic fatality where he simply takes of his mask. He opens his mouth and stretches out his long tongue, sticking it onto Jade’s head. Jade jumps in shock, as he quickly retracts the tongue, violently ripping her head out of her neck. He catches her severed head in his mouth and proceeds to eat it, savoring the Edenian’s delicious flesh. Meanwhile, Jade’s headless body sways around clumsily with blood spraying out of her neck stump, it then finally collapses and curls up in a fetal position.

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