I Played the REAL Mortal Kombat 1…

i really hate how developers choose to name their games.

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33 thoughts on “I Played the REAL Mortal Kombat 1…

  1. I'm cracking up. Haven't had a new console in a while so I was a bit unfamiliar with the current order but yeah, I just assumed the 2011 one was MK9, then MKX or 10, then maybe MKXL was 10 extra large lol hilarious…awesome vid

  2. the naming thing is so annoying don't get me started with kingdom hearts!!! that is even more worse! and everyone calling batman 89 now too.

  3. Hey, but I thought that mortal kombat XL was because the characters will come up fat, after all those years fighting, they took some vacations and they got fat!!! Nahhhhh!!! Just joking! Anyways, I can still remember the first time I played the game of mortal kombat it was back in 1994 I was 10 years old, and I remembered that a friend from school just bought it and he invited me to play it. It was pretty great, but now my interests have changed for good yet I still like playing video games but not like when I was a child, not that much!!!

  4. Going thru a lot of trouble to play Mortal Kombat on PC? Couldn't you just use M.A.M.E? I do agree with the naming of the series part, the naming schemes for a lot of things is just utter stupid. As for beating MK's AI, you just have to get good, arcade games are meant to kick your ass and take you quarter as fast as possible, but with enough practice you can breeze thru the game. MK II has an even crazier AI but it can pretty easily be cheesed if you know what to do, even on it's most aggressive setting.

  5. 5:45 I wonder…why did it never occur to you to jump and kick? It is the easiest strategy in MK1 (1991) to win, when I played MK1 when they brought the arcade to my city, nobody knew how to play, I saw the game, I put "1 coin" and I got to goro… the first time I played, I realized that the flying kick was the technique of the game, I never stayed on the ground

  6. Around 3:25 ish or so: hah. HAHA! .,…hahaha…. Now you know how it feels to be a horror fan and have to explain to people things like: "I LOVE The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2, the one from 1986, with chop top – not any of the new ones. the one from the 80's. not the late 80's – the mid 80's, the one with the breakfast club parody cover … i mean, that was the original cover, some DVD's use a different cover. "


  7. 41 year old FUCK here. The only way I beat Goro was to use Raiden and spam his dash! Benefit was that even if Goro blocked, Raiden flipped back out of arm reach.

  8. I remember playing this way back on the Genesis. I remember beating it with Kano and Johnny Cage. I never successfully beat MK2 though. Didn't have video tutorials back then so it was word of mouth which never worked. ((Hold A+C and press Up Down Up Down Start and Shao Khan's health will deplete was one rumor on the playground from one kid)

  9. I rememb3r finding new finishers during the Mk2 days (& trying to find that elusive Kano Morph argh!). I even played and discovered a lot of finishers for Mk3…before I stopped frequenting the arcades and discovered ………"other" hobbies. 😂😊😉

    P.S.> My homie got a double flawless + fatality on Reptile at the arcade, the first of us to even fight him.