IT IS TIME! – Mortal Kombat 1 Reveal REACTION With K&M

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37 thoughts on “IT IS TIME! – Mortal Kombat 1 Reveal REACTION With K&M

  1. I think Liu Kang is the bad guy. His friends keep dying so he has to reset the timeline to bring them back. There's a problem though. He needs the crown to change the timeline but the crown is fueled by souls. Where does he get the souls? Probably genocide.

  2. With the timeline reset, they are showing only 7 characters and 1 villain like the original MK1. With the preorder reveal, it is possible to have 7 playable characters: Scorpion, Raiden, Kung Lao, Sub-Zero, Kitana, Mileena, Shang Tsung and the villain being Liu Kang.

  3. Love mk so much , but i think im going to wait on gameplay this time before freakin out , mk 11 is far too rigid to be enjoyable and this looks very similar

  4. I don't like how they make characters look so clean, MK X had the best character models, they looked dirty battle tested, MK 11 made them sparkly clean looking, it just ruins it. MK 1 makes them a bit dirtier but still too clean, MK X was by far the best MK I have ever played from graphics and game play, hope they won't screw up on game play with MK 1

  5. You, CAN, show it on YT you just don't want to lose monetization. This is why I hate content these days. It's EVERYTHING for the money and nothing for the content itself. I think you can lose monetization on a singular video and be fine. Actually cater to your audience instead of your pocket.

  6. Look we know ya"ll playing this GAME Already dont front like this is new to ya'll ok. You are the Game's biggest commentators and Sonic Fox is there poster child to play this Game. Ya'll be playing this already and getting the low down of it. But u have to do this to keep away the speculations of people but i know. Love u guys tho ya'll the best.

  7. it feels like there's multiple shangs in parallel universes that the main shang created before he was defeated in mk11, n now they all after lui to stop him from doin another f4

  8. Be interesting to see if they turned the new game into 2v2 tag fights seing 2 characters next to each other. Maybe thata how they advance the 3 fighting type movesets and other tech added through the last 2 games

  9. Remember how Liu Kang let all his friends suffer and die horribly in MK11? Cause he could just restart things and make them peaceful afterwards? Also he keeps on saying "MY" timeline.

    Also if we're back to MK1 is this Bi-Han Sub-Zero?

    Also also good lawd, Shang Tsung got the Kryptonite gear pieces.