KENSHI?! KAMEO KOMBOS?! Mortal Kombat 1 Gameplay Trailer LIVE REACTION!

It is a new era indeed! Mortal Kombat 1’s gameplay has finally been revealed and it’s looking like a fighting game for the ages! Oh, and THAT’s Kenshi? This game looks too sick! Here’s our live reaction to the Summer Game’s Fest trailer for Mortal Kombat 1’s gameplay!

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15 thoughts on “KENSHI?! KAMEO KOMBOS?! Mortal Kombat 1 Gameplay Trailer LIVE REACTION!

  1. Cameo is stupid. 2 ninjas are fighting, and nearby Sonya, Jax and others are jumping like monkeys. The seriousness of the duel disappears. If there is no 1v1 fight, then I will not buy this game, although I was really looking forward to it. Such childish delirium as a Boon cameo will kill all interest in the game.

  2. This whole flying in the air while getting hit that these fighting game do are fking annoying. The constant air tossing and belly flop looking effects…. The new Tekken does the same sht which is unrealistic. I feel that it’s pretty cringe all along while these long, ongoing, ridiculous combos are performed. When will the next big branded fighting game come up with a better yet more realistic (body-hitting effect system)?…. Virtua Fighter 6 pls

    Street fighter 6 did a good job at embedding how players react to being hit but it would of been great if all the reactions weren’t the exact same. For instance, Ryu doing a super uppercut which has his opponent flying in the air while then landing on there back is nice but what if there were four different animations of how the opponent wound up flying in the air, holding there jaw, landing slightly on there side torso. Better yet, whipping a blooding nose a moment later if they manually stopped there playing movement… different stance based off the body impact through the match. I mean hey, the only way I can get hyped by f’king up my opponent is based on these unrealistic combos and life meter which ends up being played out after about 10 matches. Months later, 5 matches then I’m changing to a game of sports but if my opponent is reacting in so many ways from getting hit, I feel like I’m beating’em the f’up worser than before then I might become addicted in playing that kind of fighter game that has so many animations. What would even be more mind blowing is the obvious after stating all this. Imagine if Ryu had different animated super uppercuts. Liu Kang with different sanitizing of bicycle kicks which the out come of performance be set randomly or set by … button pressure, depending on the sensitivity of how the buttons are pressed, maybe if the move was calculated a little off?

    By the way, virtua fighter, stop b’sing and implement a 4 player mode similar to what Nintendo 64 had with wwf no mercy. Being that you guys have more of a 3D element when it comes to fighter/wrestling to games, you are more likely to pull this concept off. Also the all out flat fighter boards are getting out. What don’t ya add more excitement by adding steps, lumps, slippery spots, light fixtures and what not to the game. Similar to a very underrated, PS1, fighting game called Ehrgeiz. Making opponents slip, fall off the edge of a board and throwing them off was extremely fun doing. Knocking certain character’s crowns off was a silly goal. I can only imagine if certain things were implemented in a virtua fighter game, just how big that franchise would become!

    By the way, how come a gaming franchise such as street fighter never added bonus features to there fighting stages such as a car on the side of a street-stage? Wooden boxes, news papers flying around which would possibly land on a players body. Rain and thunder. Dumpsters. Mailbox? Local stores…. I mean seriously? It’s the next gen so you’d think there would be more interactions going on in the background rite? Possibly a way bigger-longer fighting stages that would be a block long… come on now, it’s a f’king ps5 game for godsakes!