MAX REACTS: Mortal Kombat 1 – Reveal Trailer & Details

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27 thoughts on “MAX REACTS: Mortal Kombat 1 – Reveal Trailer & Details

  1. Okay, did I just go into an alternate reality or some such?! wasn't there an older reveal video than this, with like a remixed version of the good ol' Immortals theme from the movie?
    Did it get a massive takedown ban notice everywhere on youtube? did do I just recall utterly wrong here?
    Or was that the MK11 thing? XD

  2. I'm glad they have Shiver and Saber Interactive handle the Switch port, those two devs knew more about secret of the Nintendo Switch than most of WB's other devs. Can't wait to get the game on Switch and PC.

  3. Max why did you bash this trailer but not the sf6 trailer when i was the same this is s cinematic trailer dont know why your complaining
    Also did you play MK11? Cuz it kinda tells you why this is Mk1? Like kronika kept rebuilding the mk universe hence the different games being cannon now fire god lui kang took kronikas power then rebuilt the timeline in his image n only his peaceful image

  4. Good Reaction Video Max.

    Ashame there wasn't a little tease of any actual Gameplay but the CG Trailer was cool nonetheless.

    The Kameo Gameplay I very much intrigued in seeing what it's all about.

    Mileena is in Day One, Shang Tsung Returns, The Great Kung Lao, OG Sub-Zero n Scorpion, Human Raiden and Fire God Liu Kang let's go guys 👌👍.

  5. Seems to me after watching this for the second time, max watched it before his “reaction” Idk it just seems like so much hating for a reveal trailer. Bro was gushing over ryu and Luke looking intensely at each other but couldn’t bat an eye once Shang and liu was fighting. Idk seems like paid fowl play lol I guess it’s capcom 4L lol