MK1 Characters Story & Gameplay Comparison – Mortal Kombat 1 (Mortal Kombat 12)

Mortal Kombat 1 aka Mortal Kombat 12 Rebooted vs Original Timeline All Characters Story and Gameplay Comparison So Far
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Raw footage edited in a transformative manner for information purposes. MK11 Footage Played myself, MK1 Footage provided by Developer.

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38 thoughts on “MK1 Characters Story & Gameplay Comparison – Mortal Kombat 1 (Mortal Kombat 12)

  1. Scorpion and Sub-Zero has me intrigued. Now that we know that Bi Han is Sub-Zero that must mean that Kuai Liang is Scorpion in this timeline instead of Honzo

  2. I think they are brothers in arms not actual brother cause it still mentions that kuai liang still exists, what they actually mean is that hanzo is still in the lin quai cause the guy who left and started the clan that scorpion is from never left for Japan keeping the Lin quai as one instead of splitting they were always related since they were from the same clan

  3. I wonder how the Scorpion and Sub zero relationship is going to work. In this timeline Scorpion and Suby are brothers and what’s weird about it is that Bi-Han is Sub zero not Kuai liang. so is Kuai liang their younger brother and going by Tundra or was he erased from existence all together? Also from the intros that we’ve seen it seems like the Lin kuei are assholes and Bi-Han is a massive prick ( just like in the original timeline) also is Scorpion apart of the Lin kuei or the Shirai Ryu ( maybe their dad is from the lin kuei and mother from Shirai Ryu)?
    I’ve just got so many questions about my favorite Ninja from hell and Cryomancer

  4. we have come to a point where graphics are at the highest .. where we can see MK 11 and the new MK 1 just a little bit upgrade.. but anyway the game looks fun yahooo

  5. Last thing imma say is example metal gear, dead rising1 and 2. resident evil king of Harts, saints row 1 and 2 not 3 etc,, you can remember all those games they will be history the music in the game the map you name it and that’s all cuz of story and grate writing.

  6. l when it comes to stuff like games and movies even music. There is no more hart into it and that’s directors and game developers and story writers just want the money and I get it but for me I wanna make my story better and to be remembered.

  7. All these devs like omg the kombos and animations and grate…..-__– what had this come to where, ppl don’t like story’s and actual story gameplay ppl can invest to, Fr street fighter 6 got it right and broke away from that bs cutscene and fight, now they have real

  8. What is the difference Fr for someone who don’t know mk at all they would be confused but I do mk xand mk9 look different and feel different but theses to rii here mk1 –___– and mk 11 look pretty much identical. Then we gonna get the same cutscene then fight game play, Instead giving true mk ppl like me that like the lore also konquest mode, don’t even need and kreate and fighter option just new story gameplay konquest

  9. when i saw a weird shokan in this trailer, i thought that was Goro, but now i think Reiko became shokan in new era since Ed Boon tweeted the mk4 roster (P.S. I thought Kai was gonna be in mk1, since he is connected to liu kang and kung lao)

  10. It became an obsession to go back to scratch and tinker with things. This is already disgusting in games. Creativity has died for many! Or is it just blatant laziness, less expense.

  11. If the characters don't just have completely new names – and given none of the other ones seem to I'm not sure why they would – that suggests that Scorpion's real name is either Bi Han or Kuai Liang. I guess there's also the possibility that it's still Hanzo Hasashi, but that's a Japanese name, and the Sub-Zero brothers were Chinese. I'm really hoping this turns out to be the case, because that would be mind blowing, and I'm so ready for everything to get completely shaken up and changed. I don't want the same story over and over again forever, Liu Kang messed with the sands of time itself, NOTHING is sacred, ANYTHING can happen, and I am so fucking ready for Bi Han/Kuai Liang Scorpion.