Mortal Kombat 1 – 9 BRAND NEW Details We’ve Learned About It

Mortal Kombat 1’s announcement trailer generated ridiculous levels of excitement, to no one’s surprise, and with NetherRealm Studios setting the stage for a rebooted universe that’ll be putting a different spin on the franchise, fans have been more than a little curious to see what the actual game will look like.

To that end, hot off the game’s announcement, NetherRealm recently brought Mortal Kombat 1 to Summer Game Fest, debuting an excellent gameplay demonstration that may very well have stolen the show. Gorgeous visuals, interesting glimpses of how characters and relationships will be changed in this new and rebooted universe, a deep dive into the new Kameo fighters system- the gameplay reveal was packed with all of this information and more. Here, we’re going to go through those details.

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49 thoughts on “Mortal Kombat 1 – 9 BRAND NEW Details We’ve Learned About It

  1. I'm afraid that there won't be the character customization or like changing of weapons and other great details that mk11 had to offer and like I think it eould be nice if they added that in mk1

  2. the kameo idea is so stupid and it doesn't even make sense, why would random MK characters show up mid fight to attack ? it's so stupid… it seems like a lazy excuse to either not include all characters as playable and instead use half the roster as "kameo characters'', or not have an actual tag team and instead have this lame kameo assist crap … in any case i won't be touching this game as it looks lame and stupid

  3. If scorpion and sub are brothers then Noob doesn't exist, unless he's 1. Ermac , 2 Reptile. If any character deserves new life, it's reptile

  4. I know this is an assumption.. but i'm starting to feel a little disappointed in what we're getting. the potential of having all these characters and matchups- with no sense to make of it. i guess my qualm is where you will have some that will make alot of sense (like say pair sonya and jax) and that's a cool team fatality, but it's supposed to make sense that i'm maining scorpion and love quan chi that they just work together? quan chi doesnt like mind control scorpion into gut stabbing opp while he steps in and grabs a skull from opps chest—– and would only do that to having him matched up with scorpion?-where as what we get is everyone just does what they do to who ever regardless.. it just makes me wonder because you have that many GBs put into it yet so soulless. i'm %100 in it for the story at this point and with a new timeline all of that is completely new, but is only going to be exposed in story mode and outside of that the multiplayer will have meta builds on the roster for optimal kameos in a fortnight. i don't know.. i guess i just don't like that I have to make up a head-cannon for my picks because "lul they're teamin up" also why doesn't ANYONE BEG FOR MERCY WHILE GETTING FATALITIED :O it's a new concept they would want it as a rule to instate.

  5. Graphics don't look next gen ….gameplay looks good ..i hope they don't start with buying a como pack of players so you have to pay more ..the games are now 75 dollars and to pay another 40 for 4 more players it's tooooo much now …why not let us unlock players like the old times when you finish the game or do a special achivement

  6. Jean-Claude Van Damme should voice an alternate version of Johnny Cage or just be a guest character. Damme should not be the main voice of Cage + Damme is not a very good actor.

  7. The Kameos mechanic seems reminiscent of the old Marvel vs Capcom games, and from the gameplay I'm sensing a little "Injustice" vibes as well…..which makes sense since Netherrealm worked on those games 🤔

  8. MK goes Injustice. I would say they’re using MK X upgraded engine, just like how EA does it with Fifa. FIFA 23 using 21 engine, 22 using 20 engine and so on. And this MK is using MX and injustice 2 engine, that’s why this MK 1 look like another Injustice

  9. I like that Netherrealm is switching things up. The MK franchise has been around since the 90's, can't do the sane things over and over again……I'm good with it

  10. If they want to win me win me over they should work on story arcs and gradually add more roster and kameo fighters.

    Story arcs from the main story and build on that kind of like seasons that will have a main focus followed by certain tie in’s to build the new lord off to a great start

  11. 5:50 I thought Johnny Cage was only being voiced by Jean Claude Van Damme in one of his alternate costumes? Because it sounds like the original VA in the trailer.