MORTAL KOMBAT 1 Announcement Trailer – SUB-ZERO REACTS!

Sub-Zero REACTS to the Mortal Kombat 1 Announcement Trailer! This trailer is amazing, builds off of the MK11 Aftermath storyline, and hints at being a choose your own path! It’s great we’re finally getting a reboot! Will we get a Konquest mode or other game modes? Please let us know in the komments below as well as what you thought about the trailer!

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34 thoughts on “MORTAL KOMBAT 1 Announcement Trailer – SUB-ZERO REACTS!

  1. Well, we also have to realize that Liu Kang said that this is a new Era. So he's still the God of thunder and fire, and the Keeper of Time. Which is awesome that this game continues MK 11.

  2. I am so hyped for this new Mortal Kombat game to come out this year! I really hope this installment does something more interesting and has new features! Maybe we might get Tag Team, minigames, and something new.

  3. okay so, first of all, kitana & mileena, they're pretty sick, sooooo much better than his version of 11, expect to kitana's base design, cause, l love this kitana's design in 11, l'm big kitana's fan, cause sareena is my #1 for me. his mask looks exactly how it used to look in older MK games, soooo good.

    also, scorpion & sub zero's redesign looks awesome as well in this game, this is way better than in previous games, IMO.

    liu kang's redesign was looks cool, cause, he's one of the main protagonist in the series. kung lao's redesign was great; raiden's redesign looks like raiden and then shang tsung, l really like him's redesign a lot better in 11, especially no MK movie shang's costume, which is kinda disappointing lol.

    and also that liu kang's fatal was sooooo nasty, he's kinda reminded me of kung lao's body slice fatals from MK2 for some reason.

    overall, l'm soooo happy, hyped & exciting for this game, annnnd then we're getting gameplay trailer in next week on playstation showcase 2023. but, that's crazy, we got street fighter 6 & mortal kombat 1 was exact the same year in fighting games, expect to tekken 8. cause tekken 8 is actually coming up on next year, which is march 2024.

  4. Theres actually alot thats coming with this game, i have a theory that you can choose two paths, as Liu Kang said a path of Strife, or Peace, and Kameo Fighters will be a completely separate Roster of fighters that are selected as assist fighters after you select your main fighter off the actual Fighter select Roster, itll be like a Marvel Vs Capcom 1 thing so sadly those Kameo fighters will not be able to be controlled from what i've gathered, and Johnny Cage is getting a Jean Claude Van Damme Skin with Pre-order along with you getting Shang Tsung as a Pre-order Bonus if you Pre-order tomorrow at 10amPT

  5. The NEW ERA HAS OFFICIALLY BEGUN!!!!!! I'm so excited for this Mortal Kombat 12 is going to be by far one of the most craziest ones of all the other games I'm so excited to get this game so I don't get to have fun with the new characters, new fatalities and most importantly face my Awesome Brothers and the rest of the Amazing Kombat Crew I'm so HYPED for this hopefully Scorpion gets to see this I loved your reaction Sub Zero it's great to have you back Grandmaster I missed you my brother and just a suggestion since you guys are training for the game in a wrestling ring you can give me a call I know a thing or two about wrestling