Mortal Kombat 1: Female Outfits NEED To Be Like This…

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23 thoughts on “Mortal Kombat 1: Female Outfits NEED To Be Like This…

  1. Call me shallow but I'm not buying the game if they don't bring back unrealistic female outfits. It's the principle of the matter. The reason the ESRB was created was due to 1992's Mortal Kombat 1. Risks and Mortal Kombat SHOULD be synonymous with each other. And it sounds really dumb to say, "sexy outfits isn't realistic" while defending the realism of someones neck getting snapped but still fighting. 😂

  2. I think some characters should be more conservative like the special forces, but characters like mileena and scarlet can maybe show some more skin, like the female characters should be diverse in fashion and styles, repsentation isn’t just different races and skin tones, that also applies to personality and fashion choices. it’s okay if some girls are more revealing since allot of women embrace their bodies, and that’s fine!

  3. I'd never stop laughing if MK12 came out and they're like "you wouldn't shut up about it, now you got it!" and all the male characters had a super secret Meat skin that's completely nude, with a giant swingin' cock. But no female version at all. Then they'd be like "that's what you get!"

  4. I agree where it should be character based and they should DE-SEXUALIZE SINDEL….. i hated their Hypocrisy by toning down all the females then not only BUTCHERING her backstory but judging her book by her cover and them making her horny for just about every character also she as a booty xray……

  5. For example I like how Cassie looks in MKX with her default costume. Curvy enough and with fairly big boobs 😄 Even if her skin is covered.. she still looks sexy and hot enough 😄 So it can be done even like that.

  6. Since skins are now something common in videogames. Why can't players have the option of dressing (or not dressing) their characters just how they feel like? If people want to have Kitana showing more skin like she did in MK9, it's fine, what's the problem? If they want her to be fully covered like in MK11, fine as well. Again, what's the problem? Hell, there should be freedom for everyone to play just like you see fit.

    P.D: I've got to say that Kitana's MKX tournament skin is BY FAR her best design and look. Simple perfection.

  7. I hope they will put Nikki Minaj or Cardi B in one of these games or at least get the design team from their videos 😍 they're actually sexy and functionally so

  8. MKX & the old 3D/Arcade games got it right. I would prefer in MK12 for them to go back to the standard of MKX, MKD/DA & UMK3/MK2. The costumes made sense from knowing the character & a perfect blend or reasonable & sexy.

    MK9 takes it to a point where it’s just ridiculous & doesn’t make sense for characters like Sonya. With MK9 I do like some of the designs like Kitana, Mileena & Jade. But I think Jade & Kitana aren’t on the same level of Mileena, I feel they would be in the middle. I want the costumes after all to represent the character, like MKX, MKDA & MK11 Kitana feels like Kitana to me, I may like her MK9 costume but it doesn’t feel like Kitana entirely to me.

    Then with MK11 it took it too far with just overly designed or armored costumes. The main character that made no sense was Skarlet, since we’ll she’s a blood mage & absorbs blood through her skin to become stronger. Now unless they retconned that from MK9 it did not make sense why she was so heavily covered up. I’m not saying MK9 Skarlet was great looking as it was barely a costume but it made more sense for her powers.

    MK9 & MK11 both are wrong for different reasons imho, I may like some of the costumes in the games but it was never a good balance of what I think the costume design philosophy should be. Costumes are afterall apart of a character’s identity so it should make sense for that character to wear what they’re wearing.

  9. the sexy outfits made Mortal Kombat what is today lol

    but even that aside, some of the newer outfits are just straight up impractical.

  10. Just make the slutty outfits as alternate costumes or unlockables instead. Main outfits should fit the character traits. It's that simple. For a game that's about blood and gore, a titty manages to be too much 😂

  11. I just want the costumes to be more unique and interesting, more diverse, not like in MK11, where every second female character looks like an astronaut or a nun, and every male character is in underwear/pants and bare-chested

  12. I missed your last mkx open mic. Does anyone else want to see 'Masters of the Universe' characters in mk? Give it some real thought! He-Man with Battle Cat special moves, Skeletor, Teela, Orko, FRIGGEN Trap Jaw, Tri-klops, Man at Arms, FUCKIN Beast Man! Folks…..
    Really think about it. Nostalgia for sooo many people,who grew up in the 80's and 90's. If you don't know who Skeletor is then look him up, and tell me he doesn't fit the MK Universe. Your kidding yourself! Look beyond the 'kid friendly' 80's art style and you'll see what I see, shit tons of potential.