Mortal Kombat 1 Gameplay Reveal Reaction

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29 thoughts on “Mortal Kombat 1 Gameplay Reveal Reaction

  1. I seriously doubt MvC was the influence on this decision compared to: "hey the kids really ate up this mechanic in Smash 5, let's copy it!"

  2. The violence has the Dead Island 2 problem, it’s so ‘detailed’ that it’s no longer realistic (not saying that it needs to be or ever was, bear with me) and just feels like it wants to make you vomit instead of laugh.

  3. Man as someone who loved MK11 this game looks awesome and I’m super optimistic. I get why other people are skeptical but I’m liking what I’m seeing. Just hoping the roster is good.

  4. it is surprising to me that Woolie doesn't know about mk starting out as a movie game for bloodsport and Johnny cage was invented bc they weren't going to have the license for that movie and Van Damme's likeness

  5. Ngl having side characters be solely assists makes so much sense for MK. They’ve got so many stupid characters, might as well throw in a few without spending boatloads of time and money making a dedicated moveset for each of them.

  6. 6:05 you're talking about "code name damage " aka Maul battle of the sith lords ? Yeah him trying to make Darth Talon ahd Maul an item was definitely left field but would have been a fun dynamic as the stories she's in as a sith are "the sith have taken over everything and actual rule as a kind of open class of people instead of the "hiding their true selves in the shadows while pretending to be just a normal person " like palapatine did. Too bad the game never came out.

  7. The whole "traumatized dev" story was literally one anonymous guy mthat only talked to Kotaku and had no corroboration. Every story about it always goes back to that one anony ous Kotaku story. Don't think I buy it tbh.

  8. Seems they cut down on the intro dialogue, I’m fine with that since the transition from character select to fight is great. So far all the X rays have look really stylish. MKX and Mk11 supers felt like they were trying to do too much at once sometimes. Hope this leads into an actual tag team game eventually.

  9. Question to long time MK fans: Do you like the older style animations in the modern games? To me it still looks jarring, but it's obvious that they made a choice to keep the animations like that.

  10. I can garantee they will backpedal on this reboot timeline pretty soon, no way they'll keep making MK games from now on with completely different versions of classic characters. Just remember how fast they ditched Cyber Sub-Zero

  11. A new MK game means creators having to have way of keeping the usual MK ways but still getting paid

    I will accept the ol' black and white fliter instead of zoom in on the creator's face or just cutting from the action overall