Join me as I react and delve into the epic battles, mind-blowing moves, and all the excitement Mortal Kombat 1 has to offer!

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20 thoughts on “Mortal Kombat 1 GAMEPLAY TRAILER REACTION

  1. The graphics and stages are terrible amazing, very different according what we get used to see in mk at least now we have a stage un edenia ❤

  2. Mk 1 definitely looks awesome and surpassed the level bar of all past 3 decades of mk ed boon and nrs worked so hard after four years to give another sensation brutal franchise once more. mk1 looks a lot like mk x very fast combos and voice actors are from mk11 most of them. everything looks breathtaking from double x xrays to wage breakers from injustice double finishers anti air combos and the sounds of the blood is juicy as hell. i was so surpised by the main rosters like kenshi coming back definitely i would main like mk 10 he is sicker again and my boy johnny cage is cool too. so ed boon and geoff has broke history stage again at summer game fest this time. This is like the building excitement we got 5 years ago at the game awards and 5 years later we are talking about another mk game. mk would never die

  3. So intrinsic enough the visuals of the game they give me more street fighter then injustice also please give me ERMAC jade sindel I got Raiden and kenshi just give me two of them and i got my main teams I'll figure out the kameo stuff In a bit and I'm curious how this game will be when it comes to combo potential and damage output cause you saw when they were showing the kameos and such and giving us how to kameo breakaway like that one combo was alot of damage

  4. While I may agree with you that it doesn't feel like MK, BUT I'm all for it having a different approach than what we're used to seeing. Never been so excited for Mortal Kombat!