MORTAL KOMBAT 1 Impressions w/ Justin Wong, Kenny, & Simmons

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Max, alongside Justin Wong, Kenny, and Simmons, discuss their thoughts on the Mortal Kombat 1 gameplay that they experienced at Summer Game Fest.

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22 thoughts on “MORTAL KOMBAT 1 Impressions w/ Justin Wong, Kenny, & Simmons

  1. Still have fatale blows that’s trash people always say when it doubt fatale blow it out , having a oh shit mechanic in a fighting game is trash to me all these new games keep adding it when it wasn’t in the previous version like dead or alive 6 added that bs mk11 added it , it’s not fun to play against and feels cheap to use

  2. This game will be the same everyone just going to comboing you all day. And the gravity is sucks in this game. They will keep in the air until mk2 comes out. To flashy to me and looks like street fighter. In MK11 actually you have to have a good reaction and you have to use your brain. MK1 to colorful and too cartoonish looking.

  3. Kenshis stand is better than a kameo since if it gets hit you down lose health and if the stand is gone kenshi is still a viable character without his puppet activated