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23 thoughts on “MORTAL KOMBAT 1 – JAX FATAILITY!!!

  1. I'm glad they're embracing the sillier side of mk. The fatalities have been a bit too gross for me since mkx and i haven't seen something this silly since umk3 and i missed it so much

  2. Hell fukn yes 👏🏾 👏🏾.. I like the old fatality’s especially with the in depth features.. people bitch and crying bout how all this looks.. to me and many that are alike that grew up when the 1st “MORTAL KOMBAT “ came out and knows how it felt waiting inline with quarters and seeing this shit for the first time 😮… Then if you were the older kids how much of a dick they were hogging the machine up .. Good times lol.. anyways it looks like they took everything they did that was good and capitalized on it which is smart.. I like how they brought back the X-ray from mk9 and mixed it with mk11 version . The colors are very vibrant and I heard they we’re crying bout that idk why this shit looks polished like a motha fukr.. I hated how mk10 looked like they were always in sweat mode just weird. I like how they rep there old costumes I’m sure u can change them but I like it , I like how there doing the side characters all original everything … after awhile mk started to go down hill and suck people that say there mk true fans then u should know they weren’t doing to well and some of the characters that people are crying for to comeback which they shouldn’t and prob aren’t bcuz how bad they did in what they call commissions, why u think they keep bring back the most loved characters bcuz it’s always gonna be a good I guess check coming in commissions .. so they try other characters to see how there accepted if not well they won’t really bring them back.. once they reach a certain mount that’s when dlc’s come out . Idk I know the business pretty well and again mk everyone knows was just another game there for awhile , so that’s why they said basically fuk it let’s make mk9 like this and throw everything in it.. it was basically mk1-ultimate mk3 and that game rejuvenated
    Mk franchised very very well and they needed especially after they did the “DC vs MK” they just kept loosing money they thought teaming up with DC was a good idea , only with certain characters for example Joker ; bcuz people don’t know that’s why there wasn’t really fatalities in that game nor can the superheroes for sure can’t do fatalities in mk world that’s why I’m mk9 Shang stung stole a scene from joker in that game but they had to change the face not to look like the joker even though everyone knew.. anyways mk9 brought them back to life so then everyone waited for 10 actually , not me I didn’t even know it was out .. mk11 looked better… anyways sorry long text just people I guess b happy that it looks like a good game finally I can’t wait to pop it in pc bcuz I know it’ll look better… hope lol