Mortal Kombat 1 Just Confirmed Some MASSIVE NEWS…

The latest Mortal Kombat is nearly here, and we have some massive news for the upcoming game. Mortal Kombat 1 is deemed a reboot of the long running fighting game franchise and with the game’s debut trailer airing just a few days ago, we now have more information about the game thanks to recent leaks, information from the game’s website, and news straight from developers Nether Realm Studios themselves. Let’s dive into the massive news that was just confirmed for Mortal Kombat 1.

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Choirs of War – Dream Cave
The Proving Grounds – Dragon Tamer
Power Up – Phoenix Tail
Something’s Lurking in the Water – Sightless in Shadow

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45 thoughts on “Mortal Kombat 1 Just Confirmed Some MASSIVE NEWS…

  1. Omni-Man & Homelander are the same type of characters. Same archetype, so i don't believe it. So the two in one DLC pack hum. In seperate pack OK as Rambo vs Terminator. But it's weird. Peacemaker, Conan & one of the two make more sense. But no female in KP1 is hard. Kameo for Khameleon & Ferra LOL 🤣 maybe in the base roster we have : Sareena, Li Mei and maybe Nitara. I hope for Ashrah and heard Kira is a kameo too.

  2. I got to pre order the premium edition, that kollector would be noce though…$250??? Hell no! Lol. But as for the game I want Michael Myers, John Wick, Ghost face from Scream, Deathstroke, Stryker needs to make a come back in the game hes an OG. you can add Harley Quinn since Joker was in the last MK game lol. Wesker and Nemesis from Resident Evil would be crazy. So there you go, thats MK1 for you. If i can get all these characters im happy.

  3. Ehh to each their own, but I think Omni Man, Homelander and Peacemaker is absolutely terrible. I just wish they kept it MK and not some crossover universe crap. Save that for DC vs MK.

  4. Fun My Life. This game might actually give you the option to live in peace. Imagine Shang Tsung as a shaolin monk. Or Kitana and Mileena as the best of friends. This game seems to offer the option of friendship, rather than rivalry. One time I played Skyrim without unnecessary violence. Avoiding unnecessary violence would be a wonderful narrative for Mortal Kombat, for once. ❤️

  5. Peacemaker ig you could refer to as a superhero, but with all due respect, I dont think we should be referring to Omni Man and Homelander as superheros lol.

  6. There is no way that I am going to believe that all three of those super heroes will be in the game. I say one of the three at best, probably peacemaker. If they are, I am all about it!

  7. Please I love the mk frantas and I only have mk Armageddon and I watch gameplay of it avre day im 10 but my parents are ok with me playing the games so please I would appreciate it so much if I got a new game 😢😢😢