Mortal Kombat 1 – Official Gameplay Story Mode Breakdown! New Rebooted Characters And Origins?!

Hello everyone!

And today Im very pleased to bring you all my in-depth analysis and breakdown of yesterday’s absolutely stellar gameplay reveal!

BECAUSE DEAR LORD, are Nether Realm feeding us well with the all the new gameplay coming out way, their Is a lot to unpack here, not even just from a gameplay perspective but from that of a narrative and story one!

But In order for me to do this I will be breaking It down Into
different sections, first starting off with the main story, and what we currently know going on, and then we’re going to touch on with each individual character, and what could actually be going on with them, and how are they being rebooted In this universe!

This trailer Is incredible layered In the amount of attention to details thats on display, so without any further ado, please enjoy!

Intro and Segments – 00:00
Main Basis And Mystery Of The Story – 01:28
Rebooted Characters And New Details! – 02:44
Returning Mechanics, Kameos And Fatal Blows! – 11:17
Overall Thoughts And Wrap up – 14:46


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21 thoughts on “Mortal Kombat 1 – Official Gameplay Story Mode Breakdown! New Rebooted Characters And Origins?!

  1. One small thing I’m hoping they add for Raiden is giving him an actual name now.

    What I mean is that the creators picked that name in the original mortal Kombat but it fit up until now because he was the Thunder god. But being a “normal” person now, being named Raiden just sounds a bit off. I’m fine with him being called Raiden as a code name of sorts, but if it is his actual name it gives off naming your kid an anime name vibes.

  2. Heres a little something. The Subzero you see in the Beta access fights, are Bihan, but in 2:47 in this video, you can see that its Kuai Liang, presumably since he has that Scar on his right eye, you almost cant see it tho

  3. i think that reiko will be here and will be maried to mileena and shang tsung might have given her that disiese and that bi han will become evil and we will get to see a living noob saibot like scorpian im not sure on the vilain

  4. I personally think that scorpion's fire power doesn't come from being a revenant, rather he was taught by Liu Kang. It's clear that he's not a revenant (at least not yet) in this new timeline but yet he can still use fire. Seeing as how Liu Kang is the God of Fire AND scorpion being more loyal and worshipping to him than Bi Han it makes sense that either Liu Kang offered to teach him how to use fire and/or Scorpion asked him to teach him.

  5. If it plays out that way, where Mileena is the older sister who Kitana serves but loses her throne because of her Tarkatan transformation and Mileena is paranoid about Kitana betraying her, fueling that rivalry again. Its interesting.