Mortal Kombat 1 – Official Gameplay Trailer Kitana & Mileena.


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31 thoughts on “Mortal Kombat 1 – Official Gameplay Trailer Kitana & Mileena.

  1. I miss the old Mileena, straight from the 'Go Mileena
    Chop up the soul Mileena, set on his goals Mileena
    I hate the new Mileena, the bad mood Mileena
    The always rude Mileena, spaz in the news Mileena
    (I miss her old design 😞)

  2. Why's Mileena worse and worse in every mk? Her worst design was mk11 ofc, but this one is just so tasteless and meh 🫤, her peak was mk9 and mkx was very decent too

  3. These two are the female equivalent legacy of Scorpion and Sun Zero. I just wish WB/NetherRealm kept Karen Strassman as the voice actress for them. MKX was unreal. So much better than 11. The worst part of both games was everyone being a revenant.

  4. Ok Gays and Girls Ino this isn’t in the video but I feel like we need to discuss it.

    Did anyone else notice the Chakram that is thrown by Kung Loa looks identical to Xena Warrior Princess’s YinYang Chakram?

  5. Why do Raiden, Scorpion and Sub Zero look different than they were in MK 11. They're more thin and leaner here, even younger too. Lou Kang and Kitana are the only ones who looks the same.

  6. I think mileena was gonna become queen and then she got infected and now kitana's gonna become queen and mileena isn't happy about that