Mortal Kombat 1: Sonya As A Playable Character, The Krypt & Kombat Kids NOT Returning On Base Roster

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Intro animation Directed by Jeremy Mansford

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41 thoughts on “Mortal Kombat 1: Sonya As A Playable Character, The Krypt & Kombat Kids NOT Returning On Base Roster

  1. Keshie's sword audio is anoying I hope they change it it doesn't sound like how a sword slash should sound,it's way to heavy and with a metalic rhythm like the sword weighs over 40lb, and the way Sonya looks makes me want to smash with no rubber.

  2. I hope this Krypt (or whatever is called) says how many treasures i haven't unlocked. The only thing that i didn't like in mk11 krypt, was that there was no information about the treasures that im missing, and please don't force me to do towers because of a item that i need to get, to progress on the krypt, please no more of that.

  3. Could u imagine how good this game woulda been if they woulda kept th same engine as mk11 apparently lui kang restarted the play engines too 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️cause this looks BAD

  4. Can you talk about Big Daddy GORO getting a complete redesign as a Kameo, I think he's base roster….Ed said the kameo fighters looked retro to pay respects and homage to the OG games where tf is Thong N Dong Goro!!!! Think about it?🤔

  5. OMG ME & You Are the exact Same LOVE towards Cassie!!! 100% PURE CASSIE LOVE!!! Bratty Cassie is my Favourite & I have a tattoo of mkx Cassie with the baton & bubblegum 😂😂😂

    CASSIE #1.5 FAN – Super U R THE OTHER 1.5 💯

    OMG Ermac is my favourite aswell OMGGGG 😂😂😂 💯

    PS – ( Cassie For MK1 PLEASE )

    Thank you.

  6. Personally, I’m getting tired of those military-type earthrealm characters like Jax, Sonya, and Kano to me. I feel like we should focus more on characters that haven’t been as explored as they should be, like Sareena, Li Mei, Havik, Reiko, Nitara, Ashrah, etc.

  7. Kameo characters is and excuse for WB and NRS to include less komtent because of lost development time due to covid. Just wait until kameos release that could have been kharacfers. People are gonna be pissed. Kameos are really simply an excuse due to lost kovid (hehe) development time. Streamers and the community should be pushing Boon to delay the game and remove kameos in favor of more dlcs that can actually introduce kharacters as full kharacters. I sincerely believe if he got pushback like that things would change. Instea everyone is going: “cool mk” and excusing lackluster decisionmaking.

  8. I agree she should be In there, however I didn't like her design In mkx and mk11: too militarised. Her onion rings are enough, I don't know why she needs a drone.😮😅.

  9. Im dying to know more about the game. Like i want the press schedule to leak but only when to expect news to be announced not to know all the announcements. Also im not sure what their Dlc plan is maybe super heroes or they continue their adventure into horror with Ghostface (noob saibot replacement with different comical clone moves. ) or I feel like they talk about video game guests alot and I know Apex legends as a battle Royal seems like a weird choice but its actually got 3 really great candidates to appear in a mortal kombat game. Wraith is a sorta "poster child" for apex as she has been in the game since day one and has always been a very popular choice. She has multi-dimensional powers due to an experiment and it is suggested there are many many versions of wraith and she can hear their voices warning and guiding her. Revenant is an assassin cyborg. We have seen in cut scenes and loadscreens that their exists, by the company who manufactured him, thousands of other replacement bodies. And Ash well wouldnt you know it Ash is actually both of those things. A cyborg so there might be a huge amount of replacement bodies somewhere and has inter dimensional powers. Powers she has to use with a sword. Rather than an assassin as Revenant is Ash is specifically a ninja weilding a sword and swinging it to use her ultimate and a throwing star as a tactical. So any or all would make great guest characters and could easily explain how its okay if they are seen dying in a diferent game. And really awesome skins in the game to draw from it would be cool to see what netherrealm comes up with i hope even guest dlc characters get lots of customization options.