Mortal Kombat 4 Explained (Feat. Mythologies & Special Forces)

Once the acclaimed 2D Mortal Kombat Trilogy was up, the team at Midway started a brand new dimensional leap, first by creating a prequel to the series, in the style of an action/adventure game. Then continuing the mainline trilogy with a fourth fighting game presented entirely in 3D, and following up with a Beat Em Up game that expanded more of the MK Universe. However was these projects enough to stand against the tough fighting game competition and the dwindling reception of the series. Could this have been the end?

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46 thoughts on “Mortal Kombat 4 Explained (Feat. Mythologies & Special Forces)

  1. Remember having this game for both Dreamcast and N64 but my brother and I only played the N64 version for whatever reason I don’t know lol

  2. How’ does shinnok get the amulet back if sub zero apparently got it for quan chi in mythologies but then sub zero ends up beating shinnok at the end of that game ? So how does shinnok have the amulet in MK 4 ??

  3. My brother was the green screen actor for mortal Kombat Armageddon and deadly alliance for shang tsung and I believe either sub zero you know when the run up the mountain he did alot of the fighting parts for shang tsung and I can't remember the other characters

  4. I prefer MK Mythologies Sub-Zero because it expands a huge story rivalry between Sub-Zero (Bi-Han) & Scorpion, also we see back in the days introduced new kharacters like Quan Chi, Shinnok, Fujin & Sareena, exploring also the Netherrealm, which I was happy to see this type of fighting game, but unfortunately the gameplay was so underwhelming, disappointed & receive poor critics.
    MK4 to me was the beginning of downfall to the series, it wasn't very entertaining as it was MKX, chessy voices & endings, the story was lack AF & the roster was really poor compare to MK Trilogy.
    MK Special Forces… … … No comments (facepalm)

  5. I think one thing you could've brought up was the game War Gods which was made by the MK team and served as a prototype / tech demo of MK4's engine. Good vid though, just a nitpick.

  6. I think mk mythologies is worth a revisit. I used try like hell to play sub zero, I was young I thought it was just a big kid game lol. I had no idea it was actually bad.

  7. It wasn't mentioned in the video, but it should be noted that Kitana, Noob, and Kano were planned for MK4 (they were seen and playable in pre-release footage), but replaced by Tanya, Reiko, and Jarek respectively because Midway felt the game didn't have enough new characters. Noob became a hidden playable character in the home versions. Kitana wasn't completely removed because her model was needed for Liu Kang's ending for the arcade and N64 versions since those used in-game cutscenes while the PS1 and PC versions used FMV videos so an unfinished version of Kitana can be played by hacking the game. Goro was also not in the arcade version and was home console exclusive.

  8. Honestly i think it was good John left. From what i heard alot of things MK was known and loved for John didnt even want in the game, like Reptile and Noob Saibot among other things. Hell after him leaving MK Suddenly exploded in popularity again with MK:DA only proving John seemed to be holding things back with his ideas and complaints.

  9. We can all agree Mythologies was a failure but like said, good idea on paper. I played it, could never get past the second level! I was so desperate but gave up. 😂😂 I had MK4 on PS1 and I had no complaints (considering I was in my early teens then). The weapon system was amongst then feature I abused! I felt the game was weird and too fast! Must admit though Tania was annoying af. She was even harder to beat than Shinnok.

  10. What version of the MK theme is the one in the intro? Tried shazaming it but it's too short and ends too abruptly for an accurate result…

  11. 4’s roster is so tiny compared to other MK titles, but damn, do the 90s 3D graphics used in the game look astounding.

    The fatalities in the game are a vast improvement from MK3’s, UMK3’s, and MKT’s due to its greater creativity and the fact that 50% of the fatalities are no longer, “watch some guy blow up to a million pieces.”

    Man, I wish I have access to the original Arcade version of it, but you know, it costs big money.

  12. the ending where Tanya leads Liu into a dark cave and then jumps Liu with Shinnok to blow him up fucking TERRIFIED me as a kid – the hero of the series got merc’d in a dark cave with no one around to see what happened… little did I know that the Deadly Alliance intro was just around the corner to scare me even more!

  13. I'll never forget it.
    I was waiting and waiting for so long to get MK4, my mum promised me she'd get it for me after we moved house, I had my ps1 chipped at this point so my uncle used to burn the games for us at Bolton institute and charge us £3 a go, anyways a mistake was made and my mum bought a burned copy of what she throught was MK4 … only for it to be mk special forces 😭 my uncle stopped doing the games shortly after and she wouldn't buy me a proper copy of it so I literally played mk4 for the first time in 2015 🤣 and god damn it was AWFUL! Ironically I enjoyed special forces 🙃

  14. To me imo mk mythology subzero was one of my favorite games I guess I just have nostalgic feeling and grew up wit the game I enjoyed so many days tryna beat the game lol

  15. Never forget when my uncle got me mk4 for Christmas on N64 lol loved it was playing mk trilogy before that on my N64 and then later on got mk mythology subzero game was hard at first but always got to the stage where I had to escape the realm and den it reset to beginning because I didn't have enough experience and didn't no until a few years ago lol wow I was shocked

  16. 18:00

    This is one of those cases where I didn't learn something was poorly received or hated until years later as an adult. Because I remember me and my friends(and the majority of kids at my school who played MK4/Gold) were talking about it nonstop. In fact, two of my best friends growing up who lived right around the corner from me were OBSESSED with MK4 and we would play it NON STOP. Always having heated rivalries and tournaments lol. This was before I came of age and started paying attention to(or even noticing) things like review scores. I didn't learn until after Deadly Alliance released that MK4 was seen as a bad entry when reading articles talking about it as "that game no one remembers" etc. I loved MK4 and Gold.

  17. I really love Mythologies. I mastered the gameplay with the “B” button and got the levels memorized. I enjoyed the game so much, I replayed it on the N64. Wish NetherRealm would make another Mythologies, there’s so much potential.