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So after floating randomly through the Netherrealm for some time, he fought Quan Chi and his boss, Shinnok, and saved the world. As Raiden and the last of the Earthrealm warriors leave, Quan Chi and the fallen Elder God Shinnok appear and reveal their own plans to take over both Earthrealm and Outworld. You don’t need to buy additional props or stuff out there for the perfect look of Raiden. Is there another ninja you’ve been dreaming of playing? We know that cosplayers the world over have been loving Mortal Kombat characters for years now, and we wondered, could we find the most authentic and realistic outfits out there? Available in sizes Toddler (3 – 4 years old), Small (5 – 7 years old), Medium (8-10 years old). Why not get your partner to go as Scorpion. Now build the foremost of our golden chance within the variety of Mortal Kombat X Scorpion Costume.

Kitana Mortal Kombat 11 Scorpion Cosplay Costume. A perfect translation of debuting Scorpion is Sub-Zero’s Guardian, an ideal encapsulation of the classic icon. He is one of the very few original characters debuting in the first Mortal Kombat arcade game. Noob Saibot, the original Sub-Zero, had descended into the Netherrealm free from compassion. Noob Saibot and Smoke were two of my favorite characters of the Mortal Kombat series. You’ll be unmissable in this striking, and amazingly accurate blue-hued cosplay and can certainly be asked to stop for a picture or two along the way! Liu Kang refuses to let this happen, believing Raiden to have gone insane, and the two fight, resulting in Liu Kang’s accidental death. These arm braces would be perfect for your Liu Kang costume along with other costumes where you dress up as a soldier or a warrior. This mortal kombat costume bundle incorporates a Sleeveless jumpsuit with attached foam tabard front and molded shoulder guards, belt, and Scorpion face mask with elastic strap closure.

His un-rivalled control of the ice and determination to beat his arch-enemy Scorpion once and for all shines through in this ice blue replica costume. Being stopped by everyone including cops just to take pictures of me and my costume. Something that sets this skin apart from other “klassic” skins for Mortal Kombat characters in the last couple of games is that it takes the skin a step further, making it feel like it belongs in a 2019 video game without losing the appeal of being the classic skin. Arguably one of the most well-known characters within the game, this leatherette costume captures the Scorpion character to perfection. Just as the Scorpion costume, this cosplay outfit is made in a quality leatherette fabric and fastens with velcro for ease when taking it on or off. If you’re out to take revenge for your own death, do it in this striking black and yellow outfit complete with mask, foot-guards and easy fastening Velcro. Or maybe you’re passionate enough to do it full time. Well, you’re in luck. Well, enjoy these retro costumes from the MK series.

smiling woman on treadmill in gym Welcome to buy Mortal Kombat cosplay costumes. If you don’t want to be so hot to wear a thick cosplay costume in the hot season but still want to have a cosplay, then we recommend you this costume. The game has a lot to give its players this season. Silk, faux leather and satin are combined to give the perfect finish to this breathtaking ensemble! Female XS, M, L, XL, XXL are ready to ship in 24 hours ! Moving on, we’re looking to some of the most impressive female Mortal Kombat costumes, namely, Kitana. Female size:XS-XXXL are in stock.The order processing time:2-3 working days. 1. Free Shipping: 10-15 days. 2. Fast Shipping: 3-5 days. Fast Shipping: 5-8 days. Standard Shipping: 12-18 days. Each offers different bonuses alongside the standard edition of the game. Along with the standard edition, Mortal Kombat is also available in three other editions: Kollector’s, Tournament and Komplete.

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