Mortal Kombat as an 80’s Dark Fantasy Film

Mortal Kombat as an 80’s Dark Fantasy Film

0:00 – scorpion
0:05 – subzero
0:10 – Scorpion + Subzero
0:15 – Subzero
0:20 – Ermac
0:25 – Noob Saibot
0:30 – Reptile
0:35 – Liu Kang
0:40 – Raiden
0:45 – Sonya Blade
0:50 – Erron black
0:55 – Cyrax
1:00 – Sektor
1:05 – Smoke
1:10 – Mileena
1:15 – Shao Khan
1:20 Shang Tsung

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42 thoughts on “Mortal Kombat as an 80’s Dark Fantasy Film

  1. Joe Taslim plays Bi Han in the movie Mortal Kombat, he is also one of the best actors who sends chills down your spine. I personally think Sub Zero is one of the best villains in the Mortal Kombat game, who is both dangerous and also a mysterious warrior who is a complete enigma and a merciless assassin who adopts powers that the opponent should not try! 🥶🥶💪💪⚔⚔