My Mortal Kombat 11 Custom Variations (Part 2/2)

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45 thoughts on “My Mortal Kombat 11 Custom Variations (Part 2/2)

  1. From what I can understand about Hydro is while he does have similar powers to Rain, he also has the ability to control its temperature to make it ice cold. So basically he can shoot someone with water like Rain but the water ends up freezing them in ice like Subzero. But honestly, I think his best chance of returning is as a premier skin for Rain

  2. Call me curious but, why the MK9 mask for Kabal, rather than the direct MK3 option? Is it just that it looks like ass?

    Didn't finish the video edit: For some baffling reason, almost every one of Robocop's helmets have differently TEXTURED variants. His MK-style helmet has shiny and non-shiny versions as different cosmetics.

  3. That purple Kitana skin from KL I used as an homage to her Deadly Alliance outfit where she wears purple and is maskless. She also sports a braid only in this skin similar to the Deadly Alliance outfit. Similarly, Sindel’s red KL outfit I use as an homage to Deception Sindel’s alt.

  4. About rain and hydro:
    They could have given premier skin of hydro to rain, kinda like they did for Cage, Sonya and Raiden from the OG movie.
    Also T-1000 skin for term would have been neat.

    P.s. I mean skins like reverse flash and black lightning from injustice 2

  5. I don't have the game installed right now since I had to save space on my Deck, but two variations I had were for Scorpion and Sub-Zero, or Hanzo and Kuai. It was their maskless human forms, with the colors of their klans mixed with the other's. It was to signify the companionship the two have in the new timeline, being these veterans tormented by Quan Chi and Sektor. So Hanzo had the brown and blue outfit, Kuai the red and blue one. They're basically honorary members of both klans.

  6. Just for the main characters I played as remained simple with a lack of DLC outfits.
    Scorpion was designed after MK2 and MK3D games along with Sub Zero. Robocop was designed after the first two films and the cyber initiative as well, Spawn remained close to his comic appearances, the movie skins came along and so on.
    I’m simple but the most “That’s a good idea” thing I had was probably the idea you had of Bi-Han become the Elder gods champion; The powers of Noob, the ice sickle, glowing blue parts to signify ice powers, and more emphasis on his older moves. Less of the shadow powers and more raw skill

  7. I made a Terminator called “40 Yr Old Boomer” where he has a white jacket (to evoke a can of monster Zero Ultra), the closest approximation of cataract shades he has and i think i even gave him the bomb abilities to solidify him as a literal boomer

  8. The whole hydrophobia has actually some merit to it.

    Historically it was refered as fear of water due to panic that occured when someone was presented with water to drink in the early stages of the disease. But there might be other reasons such as how commonly hydro is associated with water.

    You have hydrant which everyone knows contains a lot of water, hydrogen which is a substance primarily existing in water and organic compounds, hydrating is associated with drinking water, a lot of water attacks use hydro rather than aqua (such as Rain's hydro boost) etc, while the only thing i can recall from the top of my head that are described as aquatic are animals living in water or type of terrain. Aqua is also a color, which doesn't help it's case.

    So my guess is that Hydrophobia is more commonly understood as fear of water than Aquaphobia so it was done for marketing purpose. Hell, i didn't even know that was incorrect untill i did some research.

    While there's no such thing as hydrophobia, hydrophobic is a description of chemical element that has aversion to water. Considering people are made of chemical elements that's not entirely incorrect, just mostly.

  9. I’m obsessed with all your variations! There’s so much creativity behind it! I feel like Warrior Queen Kitana can be a reference (and stretch) to Li Mei. And I have the red summer costume for her as a reference to Mai Shiranui so I named that variant Fatal Fury

  10. i have erron black starlord (the fallout type of mask and the coat)
    aquaman rain
    scorpion rain (he has a mask that looks exactly like mk11 socrpions mask, and the katar works as the spear)
    street fighter liu kang (the skin with the tattos)
    klassic erron (he has a skin that looks closer to mkx's erron)
    kotal führer (just the name but he literally tried to mass genocide the tarkatans O_o)
    skarlett johansson/black widow (black widow themed skarlet)
    to this day i hate that kabal doesn't have atleast ONE skin with his klassic long hair :c

  11. For Scorpion I had a red, black & white colour scheme to make him look like SF's Ryu (as Scorpion is MK's Ryu & I also gave Sub-Zero a red kostume because he is SF's Ken, will change this once I get Scorpion's Reptile kostume so I can turn them into Reptile & Ermac) & I had a white & yellow colour scheme to make his kostume look like the one he gets in his MK11 ending & named the variation God Above Man (a reference to the kanji that reads on Shin Akuma's back in Capcom Vs SNK 2, signifying that Akuma is a man who had transformed into a god, was gonna name it God Of War because Scorpion literally becomes Kratos, but that's too obvious)!

  12. I have a Palpatine themed Funin skin; with the glowing sword, red clothing, that one intro where he spins in the air and lots of picking up enemies with the wind like it's the Force

  13. Hydrophobia is a irrational fear of water related to the late stages of rabies Hydrophobia means that you have a muscle spasm when you hear see or taste water