NEW MORTAL KOMBAT 1 DETAILS INKOMING?! Mortal Kombat 1 Leaks – MK1 Leaks

NEW INFO has been detailed about Mortal Kombat 1 in recent interviews and leaks, including specific kameo and gameplay mode details and when we could get new official reveals. I breakdown all the details and give my thoughts.

– 0:00 Intro
– 0:38 Recent Danny Pena Interview with Ed Boon
– 4:53 Recent Reddit Leak
– 8:16 Recent 4Chan Leak
– 15:00 When Will We Get New Reveals?
– 16:00 Your Thoughts?
– 16:10 Outro

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39 thoughts on “NEW MORTAL KOMBAT 1 DETAILS INKOMING?! Mortal Kombat 1 Leaks – MK1 Leaks

  1. I think No main roster Sonya or Kano may equal Kira. She was always meant to be a hybrid of them game wise and with both missing it would make sense for her to make the roster on both the mechanical and 3d era representation front

  2. I have doubts about Baraka, Rain, Geras & Shao being playable in the game. Rest roster is almost confirmed.
    Thanks again for bringing everything to one place. May Almighty bless you & your family.

  3. Where is the horror legends pack that's what the fans voted for back in February of this year don't nobody won't two Superman rip offs Homelander Omni Man Peacemaker I won't buy neither of them real talk

  4. This leak is actually believable. Havik and reiko returning would be nice. It makes sense that ots called MK1 and brings back all the mk1 fighters and the original mk1 boss. The pit is also back (reptile) and the portal (smokes stage). Ermac being DLC as he was also an MK1 character. (Error macro) and goro being Cameo. Konquest mode is a given and the reason why i would buy the game. It better be an open type world. I wish there was hidden slots though, like smokes slot having cyber smoke, and having cyrax and sektor hidden in the same slot by pressing down and start or something similar. A game without cyrax, kabal,jade and noob saibot always feels weird 🙁

  5. Sure let’s bring back hotaru the cool samurai looking guy obsessed with order and make him a kameo 😡 I actually hate nrs, of course this leak might be fake but I don’t think he’ll be playable

  6. Why the hell can’t we ever get Kai or Jarek back ? Rumors are all saying reiko so that’s a plus but MK4 needs more love big time … and not having cyrax and sektor or cyber sun zero or anything as playable in the main roster is absolutely ridiculous

  7. We don't need new characters. The 3D games were very basic in terms of moves and stuff and most of the play revolved around their weapon or combat stance. Bringing 3D era characters in to the 2D fighting plane will essentially be new characters. MKX Tanya for instance.

  8. In Mk 11 Liu kang is the god of fire and thunder thunder right. ?? He merged himself with raiden . If he has prior knowledge of all the events why is he just the Fire god now and no thunder ? He doesn’t even look the same . He’s missing the glowing blue all over his body which represented thunder

  9. I'm glad that my favorite mk character is dlc and that is kintaro coming back in mk1 as finally a playable character I'm so glad tho I can't wait to finally play as kintaro