Scorpion Reacts to BI-HAN SUB-ZERO and Kuai Crying! (MORTAL KOMBAT 1 PARODY)

Scorpion from Mortal Kombat 1 REACTS to Bi-Han Sub-Zero and Kuai Crying like he just got Babalitied! What will Hanzo’s reaction be to Bi-Han being Sub-Zero in MK1?

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35 thoughts on “Scorpion Reacts to BI-HAN SUB-ZERO and Kuai Crying! (MORTAL KOMBAT 1 PARODY)

  1. I guess the joke that Tobias made all those years ago is actually happening. For those that don't know way back when MK1 was being made Carlos and Daniel Pesina (the actors and brothers) would mess with John Tobias and one day Tobias got irritated and as a joke said you know what Scorpion and Sub-Zero are brothers and they're fighting to kill each other.

  2. I´m so impressed with how smoothly and realistic that phone passed from Johnny to Scorpion! 👀 That looks so perfect! How?! :O

    It makes me happy seeing this type of content between them, hehe, it´s very creative and funny. Also the building up on their interactions more and more makes me excited for what´s to come!

  3. oh my goodness you'll reacting my brother sub zero Kuai Liang well i hope so he's be ok i hear that my brother crying and i can feeling bad my life and reacting to effect me crying to and jah i'm very cold to skin like cold death my life my original cold weather time ….i hope so he being ok ….jah.. and cheer big brother (Anthony Livel "Scorpion") and to by my brother (Ryan Jossy" sub zero")
    and to broken cell phone US$ 200.000 that one oh ice no ..ok i don't want anymore have cell phone that one big money sh**t hehehe jah and brother Anthony Livel i hope you'll be ok and your family to and stay safe your life i miss you many so time back rol play adventure like show funs jah and cheer brother.

  4. You know, there's something I find strange about this rumor in this game

    i mean tell me weird but , how come kuai liang would be as scorpion while bi han would be as sub zero in this timeline , because honestly i think it makes no sense ?

    because don't get me wrong if i'm talking seriously but if i remember correctly Bi han and kuai liang are both lin kuei since they are ice powers to freeze their enemies so seeing kuai liang would be Scorpion instead Hanzo hasashi I find it really weird because Kuai liang has no fire power while Hanzo hasashi does

    I honestly think in 100% that Liu kang accidentally made a little mistake while creating a new timeline or either I'm wrong if some of you agree with me or not