#shorts: Visualizing the Justice League Members in Live Action with Artbreeder

Check out this incredible live-action representation of the Justice League members! Created using Artbreeder, these stunning visuals bring to life beloved superheroes such as Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Green Arrow, Hawkgirl, Martian Manhunter, and The Flash. Dive into the world of DC Comics and experience the awe-inspiring presence of your favorite characters like never before. #shorts #dc #dccomics #justiceleague #superman #batman #thebatman #wonderwoman #greenlantern #greenarrow #hawkgirl #martianmanhunter #theflash.

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35 thoughts on “#shorts: Visualizing the Justice League Members in Live Action with Artbreeder

  1. Just create cgi made characters with digital voices, use the directors and writers for the DC animated movies and create a real Justice League movie or maybe trilogy or even more movies without the drama and stupidity we have seen for over a decade at WB and DC attempting to create a franchise to compete with the MCU and please keep those idiots… I mean, those executives from WB out of the equation and I bet you fans will love it and it will bring millions of dollars in.

  2. 7:25 geralmente quem ama o filme do watchmen a ponto de considerar o filme um dos melhores de heróis geralmente nem chegaram perto da HQ, eu gosto do filme mesmo com as diferenças, mas não vejo como adaptação pois mudaram muita coisa, desconsiderando que é uma adaptação da Hq o filme é dahora

  3. Lmao why do these ai generators always look like they got the pastiest mayo fed to them, john stewart literally just looks like an overly tanned white guy.

  4. I really just want a live action Martian man hunter solo movie, such a good character, needs more spotlight but we never get to fully see him even in the animations it was always more focused on the other characters, we man hunter is damn powerful, he was just a leader with batman snd sups. Over the rest of the corp.