Street Fighter 6 – Before You Buy

Street Fighter 6 (PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S) is the latest from the classic Capcom fighting game franchise. How is it? Let’s talk.
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24 thoughts on “Street Fighter 6 – Before You Buy

  1. Unless you're new to street fighter, don't buy it. I've been playing sf for 20 years and this game is not a sf game. They should have just called it something else, instead they used nostalgia to sell a broke ass fighting game.

  2. Street Fighter 6
    this is not Street Fighter
    Street Fighter had 33 character
    2 characters in this game is the worst
    3 character creation make your character look like crap
    4, the cloths make you look like a clown
    5 the starting avatar of character creation lets just say capcom is going down hill like marvel and Disney
    6 videos on youtube of the things you need to know is not there, especially character creation cloths for the character you want to build


    word of warring delete this comment and i will marked this video or channel

  3. I played the beta and was really impressed. Like he said it's the first one that isnt catered towards series vets and the new control scheme is awesome. Cant wait for a price drop to grab this bad boy

  4. Ive never played street fight game before until now but ive loved the characters. I bought the game and i started playing ranked and did 10 placement matches and got iron 4 is that good. Zangeif main btw

  5. Nah this game is actually trash , DI (drive Impacted) is the worst mechanic in this game besides the constant throw loops. Honestly not worth preorder . Spent 90$ on this game to not really play it at all , just very boring . They made you pay more for just skins and dumbass dlc characters and not even include the battle pass that you have to pay for . This games trash 🗑️ , fighting is very boring . People push you into the corner to either throw loop you or DI you . There is also a lot of input delay especially with block , block button doesn't really work even when I'm not pressing any buttons it doesn't work. Parry is also very slow and bad . I'll be parrying and it puts you in a 2sec pause if you don't DR (Drive Rush) that give your opponent time to throw you or get a combo etc . This games trash

  6. Why does the game look like mario odysee? The art direction is really… meh. At least it playsgreat when you dig into the menus and turn off its crap.