BOOMcast #51: Special Guest AvoidingThePuddle: Tekken 8 CNT, Street Fighter 6, Mortal Kombat

On this episode of the BOOMcast, special guest Aris (AvoidingThePuddle), MYK, Rip, and Rickstah talk about Street Fighter 6’s release, Mortal Kombat 1 and its challenge to be better than MK 11, Tekken 8’s Closed Network Test, and much more!

Time Stamps:
Intro 0:00
Street Fighter 6 First Impressions: 2:00
SF6 Game Modes: 6:12
SF6 System Mechanics: 14:48
SF6 Tailors to Everyone: 23:10
Street Fighter 6 Modern Controls: 26:21
Street Fighter 6 Setting the Bar High for Everyone Else: 44:55
Street Fighter 6 Net Code: 45:52
Classic Street Fighter 6 Costumes Should Be Free: 48:16
Mortal Kombat 1 Early Thoughts: 51:57
Does Mortal Kombat Innovate Enough? 54:57
New Kameo Characters Mechanic: 57:56
New Mechanic Up Block: 1:03:29
Favorite NRS Game: 1:05:49
Micro Patching Doesn’t Let People Have Fun: 1:06:17
Mortal 1 Kombat Stress Test: 1:09:25
Is MK1 a reboot? 1:11:28
MK1 New Movement Mechanic: 1:14:51
Will You Get MK1 Day 1? 1:15:52
Tekken 8 Closed Network Test: 1:19:03
Will Tekken 8 Be Cracked? 1:20:14
Could Tekken 8 Be Free 2 Play? 1:28:18
Is Bamco’s Approach to Releasing Character Trailers Flawed? 1:30:07
Gameplay Changes for Closed Network Test: 1:40:55
Diablo IV Rant: 1:50:36
Follow Us: 1:53:17
Left Behind: 1:53:57

Special Guest: Aris
Twitter: @AvoidThePuddle
YouTube: @AvoidingthePuddle

Host: MYK
Twitter: @TheNameIsMYK
YouTube: @TheNameIsMYK

Twitter: @Reepal
Secondary YouTube: @reepal

Twitter: @Ricksteeezy

#Tekken8 #streetfighter6 #mortalkombat

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