Mortal Kombat 1 Gameplay Reveal Reaction

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Together with his friend Reggie, they have played numerious games on the channel ranging from genres like RPG, JRPG, Fighting Games, and FPS. Games like Elden Ring (open world Dark Souls game), Mass Effect (Legendary Edition), Final Fantasy 6 (Pixel Remaster) and Disco Elysium (Disco Elysium Final Cut). Woolie hosts Get Into Fighting Games, which is a series that introduces new and old fighting games like Guilty Gear Strive (GG Strive) and Skullgirls. Clips from the podcast Castle Super Beast which he records with PatStaresAt are also hosted on the WoolieVersus channel. Woolie has collaborated with other content creators like Super Eyepatch Wolf and LittleVmills. Some of his most popular videos are his lore videos on Gulity Gear (GUILTY GEAR LORE: Heaven or Hell) and Kirby (Kirby Lore: Star Allies, Dark Matter Trilogy and Morpho).

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