What game is going to be better, Mortal Kombat 1, Street Fighter 6, or Tekken 8?

What game is going to be better, Mortal Kombat 1, Street Fighter 6, or Tekken 8? On this episode, we discuss which of the new fighting games coming out are going to be better and come out on top. When I say we, I mean Radical Reggie, Gaming with Gleez, King Archon Gaming and Joel Vallie. Let us know in the comment section below which fighting game you think will come out on top. Will it be Street Fighter 6, Mortal kombat 1 or Tekken 8?

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Radical Reggie

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48 thoughts on “What game is going to be better, Mortal Kombat 1, Street Fighter 6, or Tekken 8?

  1. I dont like Mortal Kombat's fighting system as much as SF or Tekken but MK has lots of in game content and offer lots of fun thing. Cinematics, story and character design are better than the others in MK. I am a Tekken fun and I prefer Tekken and SF (without SFV) instead of MK because of fighting mechanics but I admit that MK is the best if we consider all contents in game. However, it is too early to compare this 3 games. All I said is just guess. All of 3 games are very good and I'm sure that I spent lots of time to play any of them. :))

  2. i dont know wich one will be better all I know is that I am ready to watch MK1 storymodes, intros and do fan art of the characters <3

  3. Thank you for making a video like this! I wasn’t sure which fighting game to get since I’m new to 2D fighting games! I’m not sure which game to purchase after seeing these 3 games! Hopefully by the end of the video that choice will have been made!

  4. MK1 is fenomenal bro don't you see the start up to a fight when we select a character and then they clash and banter at each other as the loading screen then cut to the stage like a cutscene.

    The assist mode also has so much varities of uses.

  5. Mk 1 is awesome the new xRays are good the new designs and graphics are on another level, the plot is gonna be for sure perfect. What I dont like but actually dont care cuz im f2p is the guest characters they said that they gonna add milk lover i mean Homelander, Like Batman,Spiderman,Kratos (again) would be better. The reason i love generally Mk more then Street fighter and Tekken is because they got better combos,graphics and the characters and their abilities.

  6. they are all different games, different fighting mechanics to me. enjoy them. Boils down to which company is keen to retaining the hype for their game

  7. Going with street fighter 6. However, i cant deny the fact that as a fighting game fan, having this many options is just too good to be true. I gotta try them all.

  8. I'm a huge fighting game fan and I love all the three games but Tekken 8 is I'm looking forward to the most especially the story. So many things to reveal, especially the return of Jun Kazama how it will impact the rivalry of Jin & Kazuya.

  9. Currently playing street fighter 6 and really enjoying the gameplay and story mode, looking forward to MK1 in September and Tekken 8 later this year I remember when these games came out with the original games and love they’ve come this far

  10. Really depends on what you're looking for. MK appeals to the western casuals the most because of the gore, and the fact MK is a big part of western game culture so MK1 might take the crown in that regard. SF6 is also looking at the casual market and is full of content and big prize pools for competitive players to enjoy, plus the gameplay is fun and satisfying. Tekken 8 on the otherhand will hands down have the best gameplay of the three, but we have no idea what singleplayer content is included yet. You want a casual friendly game with gore, and adult themes, but a short life span? MK1. You want a content rich, casual friendly game with a long life span? SF6. You want a more hardcore focused, mechanically deep, and complex 3D fighter with a long life span? Tekken 8.

  11. Tekken 8 is set up to be interesting! I have my concerns with the direction of the next MK game with the whole "timeline resetting" thing, but i'm not worried about gameplay, i know it's going to be great! I'm just not entirely on board with this timeline reboot thing…i'm afraid lots of characters can be butchered like this, i don't yet another "zombie liu kang" situation…Right now T8 is tye one, that i have minimum negative concerns about as everything i've seen and heard about it sounds and looks great!…i just hope that launch roster will be significantly bigger than those of SF6…

  12. Well Its The Big 3", I'm Sure everyone Knows of who I am by now from Sponsorships & Evo, This is the Big 3 & "Unquestionably You Need to Get Them all" WHY… because these games last for more than 4 Years at Competitive Play, Patches ,DLCs new Stories & Challenges, We cant Say which is better, But what we can Say is… No One has Achieved 1st Placed Winners in all 3 Games…We'll see you'll at EVO😉

  13. Sf6 is the best by far and I haven’t even played mk 1 or tekken 8 but I’m going to go with S.F. and just think with time the game will be even better

  14. MK1 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> SF6>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> T8. The game LOOKS UGLY as hell. FRanchise fell off after T5 imo smh